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Whether you prefer to wear a uniform or not, I think we all take notice when a business we frequent all of a sudden dress their staff in uniform or have a nice uniform upgrade. The first thing that comes to mind is how much more professional it looks and it’s as if we instantly perceive them as having become more successful, which in turn makes us like and respect them more.

Let your customers know who you are

Having your team dressed cohesively can improve aspects of your business you may not have already thought of. Corporate uniforms are a form of communication, both to the outside world and among each other. It’s been proven in history that there are incredible benefits to having your team in a corporate uniform. How would we watch our favourite sports if the players are all wearing something different? We wouldn’t be able to tell which team is which. It would make it more challenging for the players to find each other on the field and there would be a lack of team spirit and solidarity. Your team in the office is no different.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re shopping and start casually asking for help from someone who doesn’t even work there. Usually, you’ve already started talking away before they can interrupt to tell their also a customer. Whoops! You would never have an air hostess without a corporate uniform, so it makes sense to have any kind of staff that interact in person with customers in uniform.

A corporate uniform should be a part of your branding strategy

A company that’s well branded will always stand out more. That branding should extend to what the team is wearing. Customers look up to staff in a corporate uniform, find them more approachable and tend to have greater trust in them before they’ve even exchanged words.

While social media has made more of us more fashion savvy than ever, but corporate style has its own set of rules which some of us just don’t have a handle on and how to do it well. Corporate uniforms are a foolproof way to having employees look more professional and represent your brand well, making life easier for everyone in the business.

A corporate uniform also acts as a form of advertising. Seeing the staff in a tidy uniform helps to reinforce the brand. They also tend to be wearing their uniform outside of the business on their way to work and during breaks being like a walking ad for the company.

Corporate uniforms make you feel part of the team

A corporate uniform encourages one to take pride and responsibility in what they do in it. Some company’s uniforms even attract employee prospects just because they imagine they’d feel good wearing the uniform. When an employee looks good AND feels like they belong to and are supported by a team they will perform better!

Stay ahead of the competition

Implementing a uniform presents an interesting way to outdo your competition. If your corporate uniform is fashionable or more practical than your competitor clients and employees alike will take notice! Healthy competition between two companies in the same industry can create a good buzz among consumers and despite what you might expect both companies can prosper from it.