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Welcome another brand-new year we call two thousand and nineteen! After celebrating the end of another year and the beginning of a new one, most of us can’t help but get excited about our plans and goals for the next 12 months. Whether it’s to continue to work at our long-term dreams, or decide to start a new project; the mindset behind it seems to be much more clear as we decide what needs to be done next.

It’s standard for the new year to mean a new diary, new supplies, annual event planning and new budgets. But what about the greater things that could happen. Like new staff, joint ventures, and rebrands? Once the year starts to get busy those intended projects with less urgency will end up becoming less of a priority as you realise business will just carry on as usual without them. But it’s initiating those changes that can be the catalyst for a much more successful year.

Keep staff happy and strengthen company culture

What better way to kick start the year and get the staff excited than to introduce or update their uniform for work. Let them be involved in the process by empowering them to voice what they prefer as an ideal uniform for work. That way you can get an idea of what to steer clear of when designing stylish new attire. Enhance company culture by including them in the making. A uniform also takes judgement away from the individual fashion choices made by team members. One of the best things in life is feeling a part of a team, a uniform for work helps make that happen for everyone.

Boost your branding

If a rebrand was part of the plan this year, then a new uniform for work goes without saying. If you’re introducing a uniform for the first time this can be more challenging to gain staff acceptance but remember, a uniform for work is simply the company brand expressed in the form of corporate fashion. Once staff are wearing the company logo on style, they will represent the brand with more pride and professionalism.

Productivity is precious

With so many big goals to tackle for the new year, the best way forward is to improve productivity. A uniform has been proven to do just that! Getting into your uniform for work each day automatically puts the wearer into “professional” mode. They no longer have the relaxed attitude they had in their weekend wear. If there’s no uniform for work, there’s a chance some slow paced staff members will be floating around the workplace. Let’s also not forget how much less complicated it is to get ready in the morning with a uniform for work. Dressing for the job with more ease facilitates punctuality and is less of a distraction. Less distraction means more productivity, so staff can put more energy and focus into their career.

Most businesses continually strive for improvement, but are they changing things up the way they should and could be this year?

Use a full-service uniform company

At The Uniform Edit we are you stylist, tailor, designer and supplier. As industry experts and your premier choice for uniforms, we will ensure your brand is bettered and your business prioritised. Our team will streamline the process to creating your new uniform and ensure your team is fully catered for. Contact us to find out more.

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