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With the basketball season upon us, the NBL is super busy organising players, games, and attending many fabulous associated events. It’s an exciting time of year for the athletes and for us as we lead up to the end of the 2019. The best part about a sports season is the community spirit it creates among team players and the fans. It inspires unity and a sense of belonging to a club. Anyone who loves a sport understands the strong emotion behind adoring the game.

Without sports uniforms, there is no team

“The basketball uniforms make for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of race, religion and class.” A slight adaptation of the original quote by Robert Baden-Powell.
Team sports uniforms are almost synonymous with basketball. The branding of each team is ingrained in our sport-loving DNA. Without it, we could not possibly watch the game so easily as they glide around the court wearing their iconic custom basketball jerseys. So, when you think of sports uniforms for any industry, take yourself to that moment you were enjoying the last live game, and you will realise the true beauty of a great uniform.

Uniforms are worn on and off the court

Did you know, in most professional sports, players also wear a custom uniform shirt off the court? Out of a uniform they are off-duty, which takes away from the “team member” vibe. The basketball uniforms are never disrespected and ultimately acts as the symbol of achievement for each player. The hard work and determination they put into the triumph of making their important spot in the team. Off the court, the players are also dressed like a team, but usually without a logo, in a well-designed good quality outfit. While the lines are blurred with the many levels of corporate-wear in the modern world. Rather than categorising between traditional and casual wear, there is a place for something in between. We call it the social uniform – since business environments tend to be more relaxed and social, with many meetings taking place at restaurants and cafes in between trips to the office.

The Brisbane Bullets know how to dress in style

At The Uniform Edit, we love basketball. So much, in fact, we have a hoop at our headquarters. Our CEO is a massive fan! The Brisbane Bullets is a classic example of an NBL team that don a uniform on and off the court, in style. And guess who dresses them in their “social uniform?” That’s right – The Uniform Edit. Off the court – for NBL related social occasions, they have a choice of fashionable pieces from their social uniform wardrobe designed exclusively for them, by us. Watch the video at the end.

How an athlete dresses off the court

Their wardrobe consists of two shirts – a light blue herringbone with check contrast and a bold navy and white check shirt. For pants, they wear our modern cotton chino pant with a slight stretch for comfort in either more casual sand, brown or an elegant navy. To finish, they all own a cotton sateen weave jacket in French navy. Now imagine a team of tall handsome players dressed like this all at once. The corporate crew behind the Brisbane Bullets also wears the blue herringbone check contrast shirt with brown chinos or navy skirts as well as that chic navy jacket. The Brisbane Bullets sure know how to make an entrance in style wherever they go.