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The growth in uniforms is on the rise. Have you noticed? Not just in hospitality and medical centres where you always expect to see them. Car retailers, insurance brokers, real estate, accounting, construction company offices and even legal firms are in uniform workwear. We’re not talking t-shirts with a logo, although this is sometimes the most suitable option for a business and is also pretty damn cool! We are referring more to high quality button up shirts, stylish blouses, straight dresses, suspenders and contemporary aprons.

If you’ve considered a uniform for your team, here are a handful of reasons why uniform workwear is the cool thing to do.

Staff Can’t Get It Wrong

Let’s face it, some of us don’t have a handle on what professional wear is all about and how to do it well. Then there’s individual style habits that can’t be broken, unless of course they have to wear a uniform. Uniform workwear for your team ensures your client facing staff always look professional and are representing the brand well.

Stand out from the crowd

Use uniform professionals to create great style for your team. Use your branding, your company vibe and inject it with some serious modern uniform workwear style. The right design will set your team apart from the rest giving your company an edge that cannot be ignored. See the difference this will make to your business.

Some designs are highly fashionable outside of work

The business shirt is a never-fail sophisticated piece. A flattering fit for most with timeless style, this classic garment has universal appeal. The right fitted business shirt looks great so why not extend this fashion outside the office. The versatility of the iconic white shirt has been proved in many all-time movies. Business shirts come in variety of styles ranging from striped conservative sort to the modern fits and flamboyant finishes. Your uniform workwear could be designed in a way that makes it highly wearable for staff after work easily proudly extending your team branding further than the workplace. This of course does have some rules that apply to the nature in which they’re wearing the uniform outside of work.

Be part of a team

Research indicates when an employee looks good AND feels like they belong to and are supported by a team, they will perform better!Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging. Uniform work wear helps to unite staff members and encourages them accomplish goals working together.  Spend time on researching the best uniform for your team so that everyone has an opportunity to look and feel their best.  Uniform workwear encourages one to take pride and responsibility in the work they do.

Cost effective for staff

With uniform workwear there is no doubt employees will save money.While employees will still spend money on outfits for their time outside of work, their budgets will become far less constricted as they do not have to constantly purchase outfits for their career to stay current in the corporate fashion world.  Business attire can become costly over time, while corporate uniforms are usually offered to employees at a lower rate than fashion outlets, and are tax deductible.