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If only life was like the movies. Remember the opening scene to The Devil Wears Prada? It amusingly contrasts Andrea’s (Anne Hathaway) routine being not quite as graceful the other typical Manhattan women working in the same industry. She keeps it (very) simple while their attention to detail is down-pat to a fine art. Most of us can probably relate to Andrea more than the Manhattan white-collar socialites, but we all want to look like the latter. While it may not really come together as easily as it did in the 3-minute scene with the funky background music, we can still aim to pick up our work-style game each morning without all the complication.

The difference between the two is both being prepared and your priorities. Below are some great fashion/life hacks to make mornings easier so you can make an entrance in-style to work every day. 

Get Your Outfit Ready the Night Before 

Sometimes the thought of getting ready for work in the morning gives us anxiety. By laying out your clothes the night before the way we learnt way back in school, will help with this unease and save you time in the morning. We also tend to be less flustered when not in a hurry and can make decisions more easily coordinating our professional look for the next day.  

Systemise Your Work Style – The Capsule Wardrobe 

While the above tip is useful, there can also be quite a bit involved in this process. For many, the more time we give ourselves to do something, the longer we usually take. If you don’t have a uniform, then you need to create a style-structure that almost acts like one. The ‘capsule wardrobe’ is the buzz term we are referring to.  

Have a set of staple pieces that are work appropriate, flattering to your shape and comfortable. The work wardrobe essentials – trousers, shirt, blouse, skirt, dress and jacket. Nailing these items will always keep your work-look on point. You can easily repeat items throughout the week. Just have the memorised plan of how you mix it up each day. For example – Mondays, add a scarf or statement accessory. Tuesdays add a pop of colour. Wear your heels on Wednesdays. Have formal Thursdays, and free-dress Friday! If you keep the same format, you’ll breeze through your workweek fashion forever. 

Just Add A Great Blazer 

If there is one investment piece you need in your capsule wardrobe, it’s got the be a quality well-cut jacket or blazer.  Throwing this over a not so exciting outfit will work wonders for your look. It’s almost like the fairy godmother waving her magic wand on your old corporate dress or business shirt.


Tape It Up 

We all know the beauty of body tape, especially with those low-cut party dresses. But it can be used in many more ways for your work wardrobe. If your button-up shirt doesn’t have a privacy button, body tape is the next best thing. It’s also great to stop the top of the sleeve down from slipping off your shoulder. Another great fashion hack with body tape is to stick the sides of your collar lapel down on your jacket or blouse to keep it in place. For men, a small piece of tape in the fold under the collar point helps keep it upright and structured without the help of a tie or jacket over the top.  

The Go-To Bag of Essentials 

Pressed snooze too many times? No problem. Ladies, skip the make-up routine and do it at work! This is where you’ll need your 10 minute makeup look down-pat. If the emergency bag of essentials is always on-hand, then you can always apply your face a little later. This is the cosmetic equivalent to the capsule wardrobe. Moisturiser, foundation, concealer, mascara, blush and your best lipstick. Pop into the bathroom after you’ve arrived at work and put your best 5-minute face on and quick up-do work hair. Voila!  

Accessorise Your Life the Smart Way

Part of your investment pieces of the capsule wardrobe should include your accessories for work. Structure your work style intelligently by keeping it simple. A statement watch, elegant jewellery and two to three pairs of classic work shoes helps to make (fashion) decisions faster each day.  

Fashion is fun but can also be very consuming to manage. Which is why we are passionate about making fashionable uniforms for the world. It takes a lot of hassle out of your morning so you can arrive at the office refreshed, ready for a productive day rather than worrying about what to wear and how to wear it. Many of us lack direction when it comes to our work wardrobe and are uninspired to put the sartorial time and effort in. While a uniform wardrobe is a solution to simplify the morning struggle, hopefully, the above tips will help those that have free reign over their work wardrobe.