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Answer this honestly. What comes to mind in the first 10 seconds when you think of “uniforms”?

School? Fast food? Air hostess? Bell boy? Boring? Sexy?

Uniforms have come a long way since a polyester polo shirt and school skirts. Have you seen what some of the upmarket restaurant staff are wearing lately? Or the flawlessness of the reception at a modern office. Take notice of their outfits. It raises the bar in their ability to have maximum impact on first impressions. Within 7 seconds you are judged on what you are wearing. So, doesn’t it make sense for businesses to dress their staff in-line with their brand?

An employee is one of the first brand touchpoints of a business. Incredible customer service in the right outfit is hands down the most effective way to make an impression!

The evolution of corporate uniforms doesn’t only apply to 5-star businesses. This can be seen in many industries. Below are some classic examples of how we may perceive corporate wear uniforms for some business compared to how they really look today.


Hospitality uniform design is ever-changing. Gone are the daggy t-shirts or their own fashion covered in a grubby apron. Or a cheap synthetic shirt and vest They’re turning up the heat in the kitchen. Now decked-out in superb style, from chefs to the waiters; the work fashion feast is deliciously impressive. Hospitality brands are standing out with custom-designed aprons, high-quality suiting, and unique finishes to create their signature hospitality uniform style. Even something as simple as a custom bow tie is what will set your style apart from the rest.


There is something powerful about staff members seen side by side dressed in high-end hotel uniform style. The “hotel uniform” hasn’t necessarily ever been seen as daggy. In fact, they usually remain classic and timeless, but a unique uniform design is what sets them apart from the rest. Some new boutique style hotels are even going as far as having famous fashion designers create their uniform line, making this announcement a public relations fashion field day. Good quality is the key to creating an outstanding hotel staff uniform. At The Uniform Edit, we are famous for our custom uniform designs. Click here to view some hotel uniforms we have produced.

General Corporate

We’re talking all kinds of front-end and office staff – from insurance companies, law firms, accountants, property, construction and more. To keep branding streamlined, it is much easier to have their teams in an office corporate uniform rather than try to implement strict dressing guidelines among so many personalities. Now corporations are taking advantage of this by creating comprehensive uniform wardrobes, using their brand colour palette and style. Employees have an entire wardrobe to choose from every day rather than a set uniform. It’s designed to cater to varying shapes and tastes. Everyone’s a winner!


Scrubs, tunics and lab coats are necessary, but the current designs of such healthcare uniforms in Australia are much more modern and chic. Check out some cool options for the healthcare workers. A combination of improved fits and adding unique modern touches.



Lose the old car yard salesman perspective. An automotive business now has their staff looking savvy from the yard to the front desk. Their well-branded style is seen through the entire car-buying or service experience, maintaining this automotive uniform style across their locations nationwide. While a bold look is typically what management desire, this can still be done in style. The correct use of bold colour is one of our specialties. Check out our cotton sateen range in the boldest of colours you just can’t refuse.