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Creating a work uniform is extremely important. Whether it’s implemented by your place of work or one you’ve created for yourself.  A uniform does so much more than save time and money; it defines how you want to be perceived in the business world, what brand you represent (whether it’s a business or your own personal brand) and what line of work you are in.  Let’s face it, women have so many more clothing options than men and are much more harshly judged than men.  Defining the individual elements that make up a stylish uniform for women is a challenge.  And for a company that is building a new uniform for their female team, there are so many things to take into consideration.  Similar to our men’s guide, by addressing these six uniform components, it is possible to build a stylish uniform that works with your brand and also takes into consideration the requirements of women when it comes to clothing.

Different Styles

Let’s not assume all women are created the same!  If a company is putting in place a uniform for women that includes the total look then be sure to offer different garments. For example, some women a more comfortable in trousers than a skirt.  Be sure that whatever fabric or colour you choose there are options in skirts and trousers.  In an ideal world it would be great to offer a uniform for women with two trouser options, two skirt options and a dress.

The Fits

The fit of the garment is equally as important as the style.  A relaxed style trouser will not suit all body shapes.  Sometimes a slim line pant is more suitable. The same applies to tops, skirts and jackets.  Having all uniform items available in slim and relaxed fits will ensure all female staff are comfortable and well looked after with a balanced uniform for women.


Whilst it’s important to work within the parameters of a company’s corporate colours, the colours chosen for a uniform for women is also important.  For example, most women feel more confident wearing darker colours for trousers and skirts.  It’s more flattering and more durable.  Light colours are best kept for shirts and blouses to provide some light and shade.  For tops, it’s important to choose colours that suit most skin tones, such as white, different shades of blue, greens and possibly reds.  Colours like orange, purple and yellow are not great on most skin tones.

Shirts and blouses

Some companies will only implement a uniform shirt and allow female staff to buy their own trousers and skirts.  With this approach, the shirt becomes the signature piece.  The most important part of a shirt for women is the fit.  A boxy shirt is not flattering and one that is too fitted is not appropriate.  Finding a well-tailored shirt that flatters the body is a must and ensuring the shirt fits well at the chest is key. Some shirts have a hidden button feature at the chest to ensure minimal gaping.  For some women, a tailored shirt is not suitable.  When it comes to a uniform for women, it is very important to have a soft, loose-fitting blouse option that matches the shirt.


Women love to feel comfortable whilst looking their best.  Often difficult to achieve!  A great option for stylish uniform for women is bottoms and dresses in a fabric with stretch.  This will ensure women have ease of movement.  It will flatter their body as they can wear garments slightly more fitting knowing they have some natural stretch available to them.  And for shirts and blouses, a natural fibre such as cotton or viscose will be very comfortable and feel great on the skin.  Avoid using too many synthetics.  They can come across as cheap and may not last the distance.

Uniform Care

Buy uniforms for women that are easy to care for. For most people being able to wash their uniform in a washing machine with the rest of their clothes is important.  Dry cleaning your garments each week is not advisable and cost effective so try to find trousers and skirts that can be machine washed or hand washed.  Whatever you do, provide clear instructions to your team on how to care for their uniform.

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