Nauru Airlines is an esteemed airline that holds the honor of being the official carrier of Nauru, a small island nation nestled in the central Pacific. With a history spanning over 50 years, Nauru Airlines has been connecting people to breathtaking destinations and providing exceptional travel experiences.


The Brief

The Uniform Edit is excited to announce the landing of the uniform contract of our first-ever airline! They have been operating for over 50 years, and are the official airline of Central Pacific, Nauru Airlines. Nauru is a tiny island in Central Pacific and the third smallest country in the world after Vatican City and Monaco.  Nauru Republic may be small, but it has a lot to offer. It’s a relaxing tropical island with a unique rich lush jungle landscape. It used to be known as Pleasant Island. Nauru Air flies to Brisbane where they have a head office, along with several other beautiful island destinations in the Central Pacific including Pohnpei of Micronesia, Tarawa-Republic of Kiribati, Nadi in Fiji, Honiara in the Solomon Islands, and Majuro in Marshal Islands.

TUE was more than excited to take on this uniform project. Creating an airline uniform is like fine art. It’s more than about using colour palettes in line with the company branding. Each piece is carefully designed across the various departments. An airline uniform plays an integral role in the brand, with fashion being just as important to the aviation industry as it is at New York Fashion Week. The runway opens for ground staff, with the main show being down the aisle of the plane during each flight. The design detail for every department must tell a story while representing the airline’s official fashion label

The Nauru Air Story

Every uniform should act like an ad for your brand all day, while customers interact with staff wearing them. For an airline, its people are their ultimate branding touch point. Nauru recently gave the brand an overhaul, changing its symbol to represent its flag. It’s a practical change that’s also a very striking one. The simplicity of the flag makes it perfect for an airline symbol. Nauru’sflag is a solid royal navy blue representing the Pacific Ocean, with a horizontal gold line illustrating the equator, and a 12-point star sitting just below it as Nauru island does, precisely one degree south of the equator. The 12 points of the star signify the 12 tribes of the country. It made sense to translate this new branding through the uniform collection, however after much deliberation.

Nauru Airlines decided to create its own fabric using the star but in a different way. They experimented with a star pattern using their yellow gold and their royal/navy blue. The final result is a motif of the star using an outline rather than a solid shape. They strategically placed this pattern over a solid blue (branding blue), and again on their solid yellow gold. Here’s how they incorporated the fabrics into the entire uniform wardrobe.

Ground Staff Vs The Cabin Crew Uniform Wardrobe

The best way to distinguish ground staff from cabin crew is simple. The blue star fabric is used for the Ground Staff uniform wardrobe and the gold-yellow star fabric is used for the Cabin Crew collection. Ground staff does not wear ties, but the women are accessorized with blue star scarves in square and oblong, except they also have one oblong yellow gold star scarf, which we later explain why. Similar to Ground staff, the Cabin ladies have all yellow-gold stars except for the one contrasting scarf in blue. Cabin men also get the option of yellow star or blue star ties. The Cabin is split into Cabin Team and Cabin Pursers.

Custom Shirting

The shirting options include a cotton-rich blend shirt for men and women in all sleeve lengths. They have white with their custom star trim and navy with star trim. Together, the collection of shirts looks on point. An airline would not be complete without one of our custom shirt dresses. They went for the classic navy shirt dress in 3/4 and short sleeves with the star trim. The dress is to be worn with a black slimline belt.


The female staff also have a blouse option. Their tunic-style blouse is made entirely from the blue star fabric for Ground Girls and a yellow star blouse for Cabin Ladies. However, the ground staff must style it with the opposite oblong scarf mentioned earlier. Amatchingblouse and scarf were too unbalanced. So, Cabin has yellow blouses with a blue star scarf and Ground has blue star blouses with a yellow gold oblong scarf.

Polo Shirts

The modern uniform always needs a casual option. Nauru chose our popular smooth mercerized cotton in our latest zip-front style polo in navy. Their contrast placement in the front zip placket and the short sleeve cuffs.


Nauru has chosen the Siena suiting collection in the navy for Cabin and Ground crew. The Siena suiting is made from 79% Polyester17% Viscose 4% Elastane. A lightweight easy-care fabric that is soft, and durable. Contains stretch for comfort and viscose for breathability. The men have the City Fit Two-Buttonjacket.A structured jacket designed to streamline any frame.Finished with on-trend pick stitching for extra sophistication. The ladies have the Longline jacket that is suitable for most body shapes, featuring peak lapels, a single-breasted front, and stretch lining. Displayed are the suiting pants and skirts currently used by all Naura Airlines staff. A maternity option is also available.

Custom Vests

The Cabin Crew have an additional suiting piece that’s custom to ultimately elevate their host/hostess presence. They have one of our custom waistcoats in navy with a gold-yellow trim. Both the men’s and women’s fit is smooth collarless styles that wear nicely over their collared custom shirts. Knitwear It always gets a little cool on the flights, so all staff has a quality Merino wool blend knit in French blue. Ladies get a classic button-up style cardigan and men have a V-neck pullover.

The Pilots

The masters of the planes, although they are not seen as frequently as the other staff, must have the details down pat similar to a military-style uniform. The pilots also have a lot of influence on the final design. Since they are the ones flying the plane, they must be comfortable with how they look and feel.


The pilots have a classic all-white military-style shirt with front pockets and epaulets, in short, sleeve, and long sleeves. Their epaulets are where the detail must be very specific.

Ranking Accessories

The Pilot uniform can go two ways-either GOLD or PLATINUM. With the new branding incorporating gold we would like to move away from platinum but are still showing both options in this lookbook.

1.3 stripes represent First Officer

2. While 4 stripes are Captain.

The mannequin illustrations represent the overall Pilot look. Further along, shows the different combinations of platinum and gold Emblems for the Wing badge options. There are three emblems to choose from A, B, and C.

Suiting and knitwear

Pilots have the same navy suiting option as the rest of the Nauru Staff. They also have the Roma knitwear in French Blue.

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